Value-Added & the case of the not so private blog comment

In case you happened to be searching for the Common Core Standards – (ok fine you probably weren’t but in any case) here is a link -apparently they are not a mere click away . A colleague of mine could not readily access them after a cognizant search from the homepage, as soon as she expressed  this obstacles on our class blog someone from a an organization that supports the Common Core replied with the link and plugged the initiative- and that how we learned the lesson of “ourclassblogisnotprivateisthereevensuchathingasSECURITY?”

Consensus was reached with one question “Who would like to keep the class blog public?” not a single hand was raised- privacy town here we come. Some people felt uncomfortable as they has expressed views that would not be so kosher if they brought it back to their political coalition filled workplace-

  • Common Core Standards for Math – this is a good segway into exploring are these standards from the Fed constitutional
  • Value – Added Model – a new ( circe 2/3 years ago) buzz word- we touched on it in class a lot especially as it relates to Rick Hess’ tough-minded accountability , competition based free market model of school reform- supposedly equals the playing field between schools for both principals and faculty. (We analyzed his arguments in Common Sense School Reform in class today)

This is new for me so I will be delving a bit deeper into this as well as how it relates to NCLB and Race to the Top- that is what my group presentation will be on in class- stay tuned as I popcorn out some ideas as I think through the presentation plan.

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