Turquoise Knobs!

So I love the blog decor it yourself , its perfect for someone who would like to invest in functional living and inspired spaced without the huge cost. Thus I finally got around to adding an important element to an abandoned piece i collected off the street / So last year when I was living in Jersey City I spotted this awesomely shabby chique bed-side shelf, sure some chipped white paint but otherwise very sturdy . I single handedly ( or rather hippeed-ly) carried it up the 4 flights of my walk up apt., leaning it against my hip to turn the corners at each flight. It was missing two shelf knobs and after months of putting it off I finally got these awesome turquoise blue knobs from Anthropologie- boy is that store overpriced but I decided to splurge on my faithful drawer! Now it looks like this ! I personally dig it!

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