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Teachers College begins research on cross-sector collaboration

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On my mind frequently and this study will seek to address :

“Through a literature review, a national scan of projects, and case studies of the three cities (Buffalo and two others that we will select by the end of year), we hope to understand more about past efforts, document the scope of current initiatives, and look for answers to questions such as:”

  • How do collective impact projects meet the challenges of getting started, and then move to meet the challenges of staying alive and becoming “business as usual”?
  • What implementation approaches seem to make best use of individuals’ motivations and talents?
  • How do organizations with sharply different cultures and circumstances work together and resolve conflicts?

A lot of cross-sector collaboration happening in education… though there is a fine line between collaboration and privatization of a non-exclusive public good.  Citizen Schoools,an education non-profit in Newark that I used to work in is a good example. The organization partners with high-needs , low-income public middle schools. Also PENCIL comes to mind. With  so many organizations following this hybrid model of public/private arrangements calls for a standard and governance norm or best practice, this study is a good place to gather that data.

More example my professor shared in my Non-Profit management class:

Housing Works

Department of Sanitation