Ninja Turtles, Flats and Handlebar Tape

Introducing my new green cork handle bars, ( well handle bar tape ) ! I basically spent half the weekend at Roy’s Bike shop on Coney Island Ave.  First to fix a flat on the back tire, next to yet again fix another flat that developed mere hours after fixing the first one. Thirdly, to replace the tire , instead of just the  I came in for a flat and decided to accessorize the handlebars, we peeled of the red/white stripey ones from last summer and I decided to go with green to compliment the bright green details on this 8 speed. Now it looks ninja turtlesque in its color scheme but I dig it.

I even had some random teen guys on the street profess how they like funky green hue.Who knew such a small modification could make me so excited. I rode down Ocean Parkway as though I was on a new bike all together… I ride it like its a car, since I sold my car that I no longer need since I don’t commute to Newark on a daily basis… I like to stand up on butt in the air, it gives a good back stretch, in the back of my mind I hear cycling class instructor from Bally’s shout ” Keep up the pace, keep up the pace!” I pedal faster and it feels like I am in flight, ready for take off. No matter where I am, I always feel at home when Im on the bike. My grandpa taught me how to bike and he had a similar bike, I remember thinking it was a bike for giants when I was a kid.

I would frequently sleep over my grandparents house- many mornings I arose to the sounds of Grandpa Boris’ doing biceps curls and other stretches to the Russian Radio channel, its static would awake me. Then he would go for a morning bike ride on the boardwalk. Soon I began to join him on sunny morning boardwalk bike rides, the sun was bright, the metallic rails that divided the boards and the sand glistened and did Grandpa’s bicycle handlebars. When he died, this remained the prominent imagery in my head , during the funeral all I could see was him riding his bike toward the Parachute Jump, wooden boards extended infinitely in front of him and the metal glistened brightly.

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