Jonathan Kozol- Fire in the Ashes

From picking up his one of his first books from about 40 years ago,”Illiterate America”, to seeing Kozol speak at Barnes & Noble was quite exciting. Some highlights include personal stories from a former student- a bright girl who is on her way to becoming a teacher, some general charter school criticisms and an anecdote of a slumlord ( of the previously aforementioned girl in the apartment complex she resided in during grade school) turned socialite who has hosted the Obamas for dinner and lobbying. Most of the audience were public school teachers who cheered/jeered throughout. Even though his message remained consistent, I was amazed by his genuine tone and passion about closing the achievement gap.  Enjoy the audio below!

Jonathan Kozol, Barnes & Noble NYC,Aug. 29th, 2012

1. Jonathan Kozol on Education

2. Jonathan Kozol on Education II

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