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Ideological Warfare : Ravitch v.s Kopp

The trend in the past day showcases events which highlight actions of activist collectives and individuals from a Long Island Principal retiring with an impassioned plea to his community to organize against high stakes -testing to the upcoming “Occupy the DOE” protest in D.C next month.  I have been seeing a trend now- that we have highlighted in class the very memes that have defined the opposite sides of the ideological spectrum of education reform Kopp to Ravitch  to the Recovery School District to the”Hessian” model of common sense school reform.

In the post,  The Big Lie about New Orleans exposed Mercedes Schneider focuses on the exploits and consequences of the  RSD – Schneider critiques one of the contributing factors to the movement and argues that it has been exploited by state officials with the term”miracle school”- this provides a great segway to a 2011 clip from Aspen Institute that has the face of each side debate.

Diane posits that  TFA paints an “incomplete picture” when it offers its systemic panacea while the revolving door of teachers who completed traditional teaching tracks through Catholic or State Universities are “deeply demoralized”. She refers to how education is regarded in Finland- a competitive high-retention field that brings about student achievement results without binging on testing. Wendy continues to sell her platform using memes like “transformational” and “what we have learned in 20 years” repetitively while Diane says she would support KIPP overhauling an entire urban district to answer one the central questions in this debate

“Are the high test scores charters post due to practices of “creaming” or skimming ?   Is the student body  educated in a charter and a district school similar?

The frustration is evident in Diane’s face as her question falls on deaf ears- Wendy reframes the discussion and does not address her point directly.

“What is the purpose of education?” What is the schools role in addressing poverty and inequality?

Below is the Aspen Video

What Does Real Reform Require?


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